Mom's Night Out 
In addition to our meetings, we have Mom's Night Out (MNO) once a month. These events range from a craft night to dinner to Skyrobics. The events vary from month to month and give us a chance to have some social time. All moms are invited to attend. 

Book Club 
Every month we select a book to read and have an evening meeting to discuss that month's book. Book Club is open to all MOPS members. Feel free to come to as many or as few as interest you. 

Play Dates 
Throughout the year there are many opportunities to get together with moms and their kids for play dates. These are generally informal and are an excellent chance to get to know other moms as well as to get out of the house with your kids. It is great to get the kids together, let them play and get to talk with other moms. 

During the summer months, we do not have meetings but we have organized play dates generally on the days that would have been meeting days. These are open to all members of our MOPS group.