The MOPS kids are called MOPPETS. It is our goal to provide a peaceful, comfortable meeting experience for every mom. Part of this is providing reliable Childcare. MOPPETS is free to your children at every meeting!

Caregivers:  Caregivers are critical to the success of the MOPS Program.  They are screened and selected to ensure that they will provide safe, competent, and consistent care to the MOPS children.  All caregivers have had background checks completed by the Archdiocese of Detroit and are asked to complete the workshop “Protecting God’s Children.” 

Nametags:  We will provide the children with nametags at the time of check-in.  Nametags for infants and toddlers will be placed on their backs.  Name tags should be returned to the check-in table so they can be reused.   When picking up your children, please sign them out on the attendance sheet located in their classrooms. 

Bathroom Breaks:  Moms are encouraged to take their children to the bathroom prior to the start of MOPS.  Bathroom breaks will occur at a scheduled time for each classroom.  During this time, two caregivers will accompany the children to the bathroom.  Children will be able to use the bathroom outside of these times as well.  If it is not possible for a pair of caregivers to do this, they are asked to use their best judgment and seek out a caregiver from another classroom, summon a MOPPETS coordinator, etc.    

Diapers:  Mothers are asked to bring plenty of diapers when their children are in MOPPETS.  Moms are asked to change their children’s diapers prior to the start of the program.  When dirty diapers occur, a caregiver will contact a coordinator to have the mother change the child’s diaper.  Please note: All diapers should be thrown away in the provided MOPS trash cans, NOT in St.  Colette’s trash cans.  

Medication:  If a child requires medication during the program, it should be kept with the parent and administered by the parent.  Caregivers will not dispense medication.  

Snack:  Mothers are asked to feed their children breakfast prior to coming to the program.  MOPPETS will provide snacks for the children.  Please tell the MOPPETS Coordinator if your child has any food allergies.  The caregivers will distribute the snack at the scheduled time.  Because of food-borne allergies, caregivers are not permitted to accept food at sign-in. Drinks will be accepted in bottles or sippy cups labeled with the child’s name. No red or purple juices even in sippy cups are allowed - please send water, apple juice, white grape juice or milk only.     

Separation:  Sometimes it is hard for children to be left with caregivers.  Over the course of the year and with consistent and caring routines, this should get easier.  If a child is inconsolable, a coordinator will be notified and then have the mother come to the classroom.  Otherwise, once children are dropped off, mothers should refrain from visiting the program to limit classroom disruptions.  After sign-in, all children must remain in their classrooms unless caregivers are taking them to the bathroom.  

Illness:  Children who exhibit the following symptoms will not be accepted into the program: 
  • Green or yellow runny nose 
  • Bad cough 
  • Unexplained rashes 
  • Diarrhea or vomiting within the past 24 hours 
  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing 
  • Fever over 100°F  

MOPPETS Activities: Each meeting will have a theme for the kids, and will feature a related or seasonal craft.  Dress your children in comfortable play clothes, since activities can get messy even when the children are wearing smocks.